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About Resilience Naturopathic

Resilience Naturopathic was founded with a mission to not only to provide an alternative to those who struggle with mental health conditions, but to improve the way mental and behavioral healthcare is delivered in America. Everyone in our office, from our expert team of naturopathic doctors to our staff, has a personal mission to change the world for the better. We firmly believe that the best way to change the world is through helping others be their very best, so that they can use their talents to improve the world as well. Our highest calling is to help you to heal using safe, effective natural therapies, so that you too can accomplish your highest calling in life.




Meet Our Team

Dr. Jennifer Bahr, ND

“There are several moments in my life that you could say that my life’s calling was initiated. It could be in the excitement I felt about summer workshops at the Center of Science and Industry (COSI for short) in Columbus, OH. It could have been in the time I spent in the military, doing work that I knew was important…

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Dr. Rachel Rozelle, ND

My passion to help people and make a difference in the world stems from my role models.  My father was a Psychologist who focuses on neurofeedback  and my mother was a teacher for special needs children. I remember being fascinated when my dad told me stories about how our brains could heal themselves, and being in awe of my mom’s compassion for others.”

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Dr. Bhar

Kyle Gunderman

Kyle came to the Resilience Naturopathic team with one goal in mind, give our patients the best experience possible. As the Chief Operations Officer and San Diego Office Manager, he enables our doctors to focus on patient care. He strives to make sure all systems function smoothly, making it as easy for you as possible to get the care that you or your family members need. He brings with him a depth of knowledge in organizational leadership and a keen desire to bring naturopathic medicine to everyone.


Phoebe just recently joined Dr. Bahr’s family and it has been love ever since.  Dr. Bahr rescued Phoebe, or maybe it was the other way around. She is part labrador retriever and part dog.   Phoebe is very excited to be on the job and learning how to be our “office greeter”. She loves to be the center of attention and has a seemingly endless supply of kisses and puppy love.  Currently her favorite things in the world are exploring, being close to people, and food. Remember Phoebe is still a puppy and is working hard to figure out her place in the world. She tries very hard to behave, but is still getting the hang of manners.  Phoebe joins Dr. Bahr at the office most days and is always happy to make new friends. For those who are not comfortable with dogs, just let us know and we will make sure she is nice and happy in Kyle’s office. For those of you who give in to her cuteness and want her around she will be happy to join you for your visit.


What Patients are Saying


Dr. Bahr is an amazing individual and a great doctor. Her knowledge is built on a foundation of genuine warmth and care for others. Her ability to support those in their healing process, physically, mentally, and emotionally, is hard to find in the medical community. As a patient, I felt like she connected with me heart to heart, she displayed her compassion both in character and poise, and she asked the questions other doctors had dismissed in order to find the reason why I was feeling the way I was. Her intuition is impeccable. I felt like she continually sought to understand me as a whole person and to formulate a treatment that was unique for me. She also explained what was happening within my body and how the treatment she was implementing would help address the cause for the imbalance I was experiencing.

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