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With Resilience Naturopathic you can:

Have Stable Moods Without Side Effects

One of the main concerns we hear is that the side effects of medication are worse than the condition the medicines are being used to treat. This doesn’t have to be the case. Most mental and behavioral health concerns can be managed using natural therapies that stimulate the body to heal. When healing is occurring, weight normalizes, sexual side effects diminish, emotions return, and fear of long-term ramifications of medication are a thing of the past.

Regain Focus and Control

With the Resilience Method, our clients regain control over their moods and emotions, and are able to harness their focus to achieve their goals in life. Career and school focus returns, critical thinking sharpens, and triggers become increasing less troublesome. Our clients accomplish this by working with one of our doctors to remove obstacles to health and stimulate the body and mind to heal using safe, effective, and gentle natural therapies.

Avoid, Reduce, or Eliminate Meds

Conventional meds are not inherently bad. They can be life saving, and when used correctly, they can be an essential part of recovery from serious mental health conditions. But suppressive meds are not the long term solution for living well. With naturopathic medicine, in time many clients will be able to reduce or eliminate the need for medications. In younger children, early naturopathic intervention can help to avoid medications all together.

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Your Visits With Us

Free Consultation

Medicine is a partnership. In order to have the best results, it is vital that you and your provider are a great fit. With the free consultation, our client guides will get to know more about you and your health goals. All of our client guides are moms who have kiddos with PANS/ PANDAS and have  worked extensivley with our providers. They will walk you through what working with Resilience Naturopathic looks like and answer any questions you have.  It’s their goal to make sure that we are the right for you and your family. This initial consultation and conversation sets the stage for a successful therapeutic relationship with your Resilience Naturopathic provider. Call now to schedule your time to get started!

Your Initial Visit
Your initial visit will last approximately 3 hours. During this time, your doctor will:
  • Obtain a detailed medical history of your child’s mental, behavioral and physical health concerns
  • Obtain specific information on your child’s experience of their condition for the purpose of a homeopathic recommendations
  • Review existing labs and recommend any additional testing that may be indicated
You will typically end the visit with a homeopathic remedy recommendation, but in some cases your doctor may take a day or two to review the information gathered during a visit in order to develop your treatment plan. This will generally take 48 hours or less, and is done in order to construct a plan that will give you the best results.
Follow-Up Appointments

Follow-up visits last 30 minutes and occur approximately once per month, although this will vary from person to person. Follow-up visits can be done by phone or secure video calls, even for our local clients. During your visit your doctor will:

  • Evaluate your child’s response to their current treatment plan
  • Review any changes to your symptoms or health status
  • Review labs ordered at the previous visit when applicable
  • Make and explain any updates to your treatment plan
Working with Your Current Physician

Our providers are happy to collaborate with others in your care team to ensure you are given the best possible care. Written consent is required.  For long-distance clients, we require that you have a local physician to manage medications, order labs if necessary, and conduct physical exams.

Working Remotely

We see clients locally but can also work with you remotely when appropriate.  This allows us to have the greatest impact for the people who need our help the most, regardless of your location. We have successfully helped clients all over the world! For long-distance clients we do require that you have a local physician to order labs, manage medications, and conduct any necessary physical exams.


Office Hours (all hours in Pacific time)

Monday – Thursday 6- 5:30

Friday 6-3

Saturday by appointment for new patients only


Our providers are available for questions between appointments, however detailed questions or changes to your homeopathic prescription may require an appointment to be scheduled. All clients are given access to a secure patient portal which allows you to email brief questions as well.

*Results of services will vary from person to person.

Ready to get your child on the path to healing?

Click below to contact us 
•Learn more about the Resilience Method
•Find the right provider to help your family recover from PANS and PANDAS
•Schedule your free consultation

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Resilience Naturopathic provider


Initial Intake for New Clients
Homeopathic Intake (3 hours): $600

This includes:

  • Comprehensive medical intake
  • Detailed and focused homeopathic intake
  • Thorough diet/lifestyle review

Lab fees and recommended supplements are not covered in the cost of the visit.

At the time of booking a $100 non-refundable deposit will be required.

Follow-Up Visits for Established Clients

Follow-up appointments (30 minutes): $150
This includes follow-up on all aspects of treatment, including homeopathic prescription management and follow-up labs.

  Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies range in price from $10-30. Many can be purchased at a local health food store, but some will need to be ordered from a homeopathic pharmacy. Homeopathic remedies purchased in office are $10.78 including tax. A $5 shipping fee will be required for any remedies that must be mailed. Overnight  and expedited shipping is available.


Resilience Naturopathic does not sell supplements in office.  Our providers may make recommendations for high quality supplements as part of your recommended protocol. Any supplements recommended can be purchased from local retailers, or may be ordered online via a supplier with whom we have arranged a 10% discount for all of our clients.


Resilience Naturopathic does not accept or bill insurance. Payment is expected at the time of visit (cash, check, or credit/HSA cards accepted). California clients who work with a provider who is located in California may request a superbill. This will allow you to request out-of-network reimbursement for your visit through your insurance company. However, we cannot guarantee reimbursement.

What Clients are Saying


Dr. Bahr is an amazing individual and a great doctor. Her knowledge is built on a foundation of genuine warmth and care for others. Her ability to support those in their healing process, physically, mentally, and emotionally, is hard to find in the medical community. As a patient, I felt like she connected with me heart to heart, she displayed her compassion both in character and poise, and she asked the questions other doctors had dismissed in order to find the reason why I was feeling the way I was. Her intuition is impeccable. I felt like she continually sought to understand me as a whole person and to formulate a treatment that was unique for me. She also explained what was happening within my body and how the treatment she was implementing would help address the cause for the imbalance I was experiencing.