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Welcome To Resilience Naturopathic

You want to feel like yourself again.

You want your child to be happy and carefree, regardless of her age.

You want a doctor that actually listens.

Your doctor should help you to heal, not just suppress your symptoms.

You want to be treated as a whole person.

You are not just a collection of parts, nor are you a diagnosis.

You are in the right place.


Ready to get your life back?

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Patients of Resilience Naturopathic receive care from the leading experts in naturopathic psychiatric, behavioral, and neurological health care. Their doctors are committed to taking the time to fully understand each of their patients concerns and diligently research and prescribe the best and most effective natural treatments available.


At Resilience Naturopathic, our main focus is you. Our treatment method is individualized, simple yet sophisticated, and can be summarized in two steps:
1. Remove obstacles to health.
2. Stimulate the body to heal.

The founder of Resilience Naturopathic, Dr. Jennifer Bahr ND.


Dr. Jennifer Bahr was always meant to be a doctor. She found her way to naturopathic medicine because she was looking for a better way to help her future patients and to heal the sick care system. She was also looking for a better way to help herself.

Reclaim your happiness, joy, freedom, life

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