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Dr. Katie Rowley, ND

” I repeatedly tell people that I feel very lucky that I truly enjoy my job, because I picked it when I was only 15 years old. Before that I wanted to be a helicopter pilot or an author. There have been multiple instances in life where the divine truly seemed to intervene, and one was when my aunt asked me if I wanted to come to a weekend seminar on veterinary homeopathy with her. I have no idea why I said yes, after all I was a teenager, and this was a precious weekend! But the things I learned that weekend and the cases I heard completely changed the course of my life. I was fascinated by the stories of these little homeopathic preparations healing everything from cancer to abscesses in horses, dogs, cats, and pigs. Picking up on my interest, my aunt suggested that maybe I’d like to be a naturopathic doctor because they use homeopathy. My mom, a schoolteacher, was seeing a naturopathic doctor and it had really helped her. Also, my dad was a volunteer EMT and I’d always admired how he was able to help people. I thought science class was pretty fun so sure, why not become a naturopathic doctor!

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“The divine intervened again when I decided, at the last second, to change schools and attend the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ. It was only after a few years at the SCNM program that I realized how different my homeopathic training could have been, as SCNM has the strongest program in homeopathic medicine of all the schools in North America. Throughout my training I enjoyed learning about nutrition, botanical medicine, and being exposed to other healing modalities. But I LOVED seeing homeopathy work. I loved the art of homeopathic case taking. Every night that I left a homeopathic rotation, I would call my parents who were three hours ahead on the east coast, often waking them just as they were falling asleep to tell them all about the amazing benefits our patients were seeing. Most often I was telling them about the pediatric patients, the kiddo who had never babbled or crawled and suddenly, two weeks into homeopathic treatment at the age of 25 months, was walking and talking. The girl with seizures that stopped with homeopathic treatment, or the child who’s head-to-toe psoriasis resolved. And later, about this new condition called PANDAS that doctors were starting to realize was affecting a number of children.

“I learned that SCNM had the only accredited Homeopathic residency position in the country. In order to be eligible, I completed a one-year residency in general Naturopathic family medicine. Afterwards, I was selected to complete the homeopathy residency. Learning about homeopathy, being treated homeopathically, teaching homeopathy to naturopathic medical students, and helping patients to utilize homeopathic remedies has truly changed my life. I feel most on-purpose, most alive, when unraveling the homeopathic case. I love sitting down with someone, understanding their condition, and helping to make order out of the chaos that is disease. Especially in PANS and PANDAS, a condition that can be truly devastating. There has been no greater reward in my life than spreading the benefit of homeopathic medicine and witnessing the tremendous healing that it can bring.”


Dr. Rowley is a member of the Connecticut Naturopathic Physicians Association, the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and the Homeopathic Association of Naturopathic Physicians.When not practicing homeopathy, Dr. Rowley enjoys exploring New England, hiking, and traveling with her husband, daughter, and their golden retriever.

  • Boston University – Bachelor in Health Sciences
  • Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine – Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine – Residency in Family Medicine
  • Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine –  Residency in Homeopathic Medicine
  • Associate Doctor at the Pediatric and Family Center for Natural Medicine
  • Owner/ Medical director at Valley Wellness Center
  • Connecticut Naturopathic Physicians Association
  • American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
  • Homeopathic Association of Naturopathic Physicians

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Dr. Bahr is an amazing individual and a great doctor. Her knowledge is built on a foundation of genuine warmth and care for others. Her ability to support those in their healing process, physically, mentally, and emotionally, is hard to find in the medical community. As a patient, I felt like she connected with me heart to heart, she displayed her compassion both in character and poise, and she asked the questions other doctors had dismissed in order to find the reason why I was feeling the way I was. Her intuition is impeccable. I felt like she continually sought to understand me as a whole person and to formulate a treatment that was unique for me. She also explained what was happening within my body and how the treatment she was implementing would help address the cause for the imbalance I was experiencing.

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