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Dr. Amber Petersons, ND

“As a child I had a passion for two things, clowns and medicine. My childhood quickly tilted the scale toward medicine as I watched chronic disease and mental illness take hold of my family. For years, I accompanied them in and out of doctors’ offices and hospitals, knowing in my heart that there had to be more to healing…”

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“… than what we were being offered. This inspired me to become a doctor committed to finding the root causes of illness and the most effective yet least harmful approach to healthcare. As I worked my way through pre-medical studies, I took jobs as a nursing assistant and phlebotomist at a variety of hospitals and became slowly disenchanted with the traditional medical world. Fortunately, my last rotation as a phlebotomist at an integrative cancer treatment center was my first introduction to a team of naturopathic doctors. It was here that I discovered the medicine I had always dreamed of– an approach that was holistic, curative, integrative, and focused on treating the whole person, not just the disease. I immediately applied to the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine 

My childhood love for clowns resurfaced upon starting medical school. I was taken under the wing of a Yale trained psychiatrist with over 50 years experience being both a doctor and humanitarian clown. Throughout my year-long internship with him, I experienced therapeutic intervention, trauma informed care, and laughter/play therapy. It was here that I learned the power of humor in healing and cultivated a gift in helping people find joy during some of life’s most difficult moments. I now serve as the lead project director of his non-profit organization, The Healing Corps, that educates physicians on using humor in medicine and hosts mental health street clinics for the homeless and under-served populations of Phoenix, AZ.  
During my training at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, I focused my studies on mental health, pediatrics, and homeopathy. My life experiences made specializing in mental health an obvious choice. I turned my attention to children, adolescents, and young adults because this was where I saw an opportunity to make the greatest difference. I believe children are our future and we must help them move into the future free from disease so they are able to pursue their highest purpose and ultimately give their special gifts to the world. I chose homeopathy because I saw how gentle, powerful, and effective it was for treating almost any condition, but particularly mental health conditions. I worked at a homeless shelter for children where I witnessed first hand the potential of homeopathy to change the future of our kids. With the help of homeopathy, supplements, nutrition, and lifestyle modifications, we were able to help these children overcome behavioral, mood, and learning difficulties with relative ease. My path became quite clear. 
I completed my education and training and declared to the world my highest purpose–to be a naturopathic physician that specializes in the homeopathic treatment of children with mental health conditions. Shortly after this declaration, I was presented with the opportunity to work at Resilience Naturopathic with children who have PANS/PANDAS. Everything made perfect sense; this was the group of children that all my experience and training had prepared me for. This incredible group of children and their families needed a doctor who believed in their ability to heal and could effectively guide them through the often difficult and non-linear process of deep, profound, and lasting health. 
When I treat my clients, I address all aspects of their well being, including modifying diet, recommending supplements, addressing environmental exposures, and implementing other specialized therapies, including the use of homeopathic medicines to restore homeostasis and remove underlying susceptibility to disease. I work with children and families as a teammate to provide guidance in navigating the complexities of options available to them in both the natural and conventional healthcare systems. 
  • Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine – Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Lake Forest College – Bachelor of Arts, Communication and Chemistry
  • College of Lake County – Phlebotomy and Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Sunshine Acres Children’s Home– Preceptor
  • The Healing Corps with Dr. Carl Hammerschlag – Project Director
  • Cancer Treatment Center of America – Phlebotomist 
  • Manor Care – Certified Nurses Assistant
  • Pediatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians
  • American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
  • National Center for Homeopathy

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Dr. Bahr is an amazing individual and a great doctor. Her knowledge is built on a foundation of genuine warmth and care for others. Her ability to support those in their healing process, physically, mentally, and emotionally, is hard to find in the medical community. As a patient, I felt like she connected with me heart to heart, she displayed her compassion both in character and poise, and she asked the questions other doctors had dismissed in order to find the reason why I was feeling the way I was. Her intuition is impeccable. I felt like she continually sought to understand me as a whole person and to formulate a treatment that was unique for me. She also explained what was happening within my body and how the treatment she was implementing would help address the cause for the imbalance I was experiencing.