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Dr. Jason Way, ND.

Dr. Jason Way is a naturopathic doctor who specializes in digestive concerns, chronic infection and autoimmune conditions. He has consulted with major supplement companies like Olly, PBC, has been featured for his expertise in various publications including Organic Authority, The Simple Dollar, Fupping, Insider, ALS News Today, IBD News Today, SparkPeople and more.


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He trained in Arizona at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, focusing in homeopathic medicine, digestive health, chronic infections and immune function. He currently lives in North Carolina, outside of Raleigh, before that he worked with patients in Northern California in the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento areas. He has volunteered with Naturopaths Without Borders, providing medical care to communities in need in Mexico.

Dr. Way grew up near the Shenandoah River in northern Virginia, where local manufacturing pollution was affecting the local fish, wildlife and residents. This lead to his interest in the effect of these chemicals on human health and a search for solutions. This lead to an interest in environmental medicine and strategies to reduce and eliminate exposures to many toxins. More recently, he has extensively studied the application of a ketogenic diet for various conditions. 

Dr. Way earned his bachelors in Biological Sciences from Virginia Tech, where he worked in a clinic identifying and studying plants and plant pathogens.

When he’s not working, Dr. Way is with his 2 children and spouse – going to the beach, hiking, gardening and reading good books.

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Dr. Bahr is an amazing individual and a great doctor. Her knowledge is built on a foundation of genuine warmth and care for others. Her ability to support those in their healing process, physically, mentally, and emotionally, is hard to find in the medical community. As a patient, I felt like she connected with me heart to heart, she displayed her compassion both in character and poise, and she asked the questions other doctors had dismissed in order to find the reason why I was feeling the way I was. Her intuition is impeccable. I felt like she continually sought to understand me as a whole person and to formulate a treatment that was unique for me. She also explained what was happening within my body and how the treatment she was implementing would help address the cause for the imbalance I was experiencing.