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Healthy eating is easier when you can substitute healthy options for your favorite treats. Making that swap is easy and fun when you know how.  Below are our favorite replacements.  Comment if you have others that you and your family enjoy.

Ice cream

Smash up some bananas and mix with a small amount of coconut cream and dark chocolate nibs. Freeze and eat like ice cream!


Potato chips

Swap for gluten free dairy free kale chips. You can buy them premade at most grocery stores, or try making your own.



Zoodles anyone? These zucchini noodles can be a great sub for noodle dishes. So can spaghetti squash.



Try a combo of cooked quinoa, chopped nuts, a smidge of honey, and some berries. Serve it hot or cold with your favorite non-dairy milk.



Surprise – it’s actually good for you! Make sure you are eating dark chocolate – the higher the cacao content the better.



Mix mineral water with a splash or two of your favorite juice.