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As I write this blog it is early fall. I am looking into my crystal ball and I see you…



Not of scary movies, or Halloween pranksters. Nope, that doesn’t bother you at all.

You are afraid of the sniffling noses, the sore throats… the dreaded…


You hate this time of year because you know your kiddo isn’t going to get strep the way his classmates do.

Nope, he is going to get anxious, angry, and tic like crazy. He will get “stuck” in routines that make no sense to anyone but his “mean brain” that keeps telling him things that he doesn’t want to be true or that make him scared.

You also hate it because you know it will mean yet another long round of antibiotics. Which you know wreak havoc on his gut, which doesn’t help anything.  

And what’s worse – the antibiotics seem to be less effective every time. You need more and you need them longer. You are starting to worry you are headed for IVIG, and are looking for what you can sell in your home to pay the hefty bill if you can’t get insurance to cover it.

Sound familiar?

The reason you are stuck in this ever more vicious cycle is that antibiotics, SSRIs, anti-inflammatories, antihistamines, and all the supplements to support the immune system in the world fail to do one VITAL thing for your kiddo.

They don’t treat susceptibility.

Think about it. Your kiddo gets into a PANDAS flare at the first exposure to strep, but his classmates just get a sore throat, fever, and some body aches. That is because your kiddo is susceptible to PANDAS and the other kids aren’t.

No amount of treatment that is “anti” something or focused on killing a bacteria is actually addressing the fact that your child’s body responds in such an atypical way to a common childhood illness.

The only type of medicine that actually treats susceptibility is homeopathic medicine.

When prescribed based on your child’s unique experience of PANDAS and overall health, it actually stimulates healing. And when we heal, we are reducing susceptibility, not just killing off the bugs and waiting for the next time they come back.

When we don’t treat susceptibility we are always stuck in that place of vigilance, armed with antiseptic cleaners and face masks, ready to fend off any invader. Because without addressing the susceptibility itself, your kiddo is always vulnerable.

I know this is a new concept to a lot of people, and can be a bit confusing. Because of that, I have put together a free mini course and made it available through a Facebook Group to PANS/PANDAS parents. Join us, check it and, and then connect with the great community of parents in the group:

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Dr. Jennifer Bahr ND

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