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When we began our PANDAS journey with our 9 year old son I remember staying up late for countless nights on end searching for answers about treatment plans. I recall the many Facebook posts about homeopathy and my past feelings and beliefs that “we couldn’t do it” or “it’s not strong enough or real enough” to make our child well again. After eleven months of hell that were full of psychiatric hospitalizations and psych meds, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and IVIG we were facing a dead end. As a former critical care nurse I had a deep appreciation for mainstream medicine but that nagging voice inside me was saying it was time to step away from what I knew and lean into the fear of putting my faith into an older system of medicine that had proven to be so powerful for many other children and families that were suffering. The call to Resilience Naturopathic was one of the most pivotal phone calls of my life. It was that call where the healing process for our child and family began. From the first call we felt totally supported and cared for. Everyone from the office staff, advocacy officer, our doctor, and up to the CMO has been truly amazing! Resilience Naturopathic offers an incredibly valuable service and it’s worth asking yourself what it will cost you to NOT make the call. They’ve helped to bring our son back, they’ve supported us through the process, and as a parent they’ve also improved my health with treatment. This to me is priceless and I will be forever grateful for their work. Resilience Naturopathic has transformed our lives and my hope is that parents will make this important call that can offer more than just hope.