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Resilience Naturopathic came into our lives when I felt like all hope was lost, and I couldn’t possibly be more thankful!
My son has had Pans/Pandas symptoms since age 4, and possibly beyond.
In 2020, the symptoms became overwhelming and undeniable. Anxiety, panic attacks, severe eye blinking tic, compulsions, nausea, sleep issues, hallucinations and more.
Doctors & specialists locally proved to be mostly uninformed and unable to help us, or even diagnose anything. Through my own research I learned my son likely had Pans/Pandas, and through the grace of God I was able to find Resilience Naturopathic and begin treatment using homeopathy.
In the 9 months since we started with Resilience my son is currently 95% symptom free and a completely different child from last year. We will continue homeopathy until he is fully healed and believe he will be!
I’ve even started homeopathy for myself!