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We began our journey with Resilience Naturopathic about three years ago, after an already long health journey with our kids. Prior to finding this group, we had traveled the country, both physically and virtually, seeing various doctors – from Western medicine doctors to hippie doctors and everything in between (DOs, holistic, etc.). We had changed almost everything about our lives during a several year period, including our diets, supplements, cleaning supplies, and what we did and didn’t spray on our lawn. Our kids got a lot better. But not all the way. It was like there were about 10 pieces left to do in a big puzzle, and we just couldn’t find those remaining pieces. Then I read a book about homeopathy, and so many things clicked for me. I knew it was our answer. We worked with a general homeopath before we found this practice that specializes in PANS and PANDAS. And although the experience with the general homeopath did not allow us to achieve total healing, it showed me enough to know that homeopathy was going to be our key – because my kids had very clear responses to the remedies. So I was elated when I found this homeopathic practice that specializes in PANS and PANDAS. Our healing experience was not linear (they never are), and although there were periods that seemed rough, I always knew in my heart of hearts that our children could and would be healed through this care. And after a couple years, they were healed. We could not be more thankful and grateful for this wonderful group of doctors and staff. They gave us our children back and our lives back, and we will be eternally thankful.