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Our journey with PANDAS started when our daughter Alexis was 7 years old. A classmate of hers gave her strep, and while she successfully cleared the infection, she became a different kid overnight.
Our family was quickly plunging into a deep deep darkness we didn’t know how to get out of.
Thankfully, we found a pediatrician who was able to diagnose her pretty quickly- but it took us almost a year of trying various functional
Medicine approaches including dietary changes can supplementation, even aggressive physical therapy before we found Resilience Naturopathic.
We had worked with a classical homeopath during the year before finding RN, and saw little to no changes- but when I saw the success other families were having with Dr. Bahr, I knew this wasn’t a matter of expense. We couldn’t afford NOT to do this.
Within one month of working with Dr. Pais, the rage began to significantly decrease from 5 hour long episodes each day to one. Then it was one rage that lasted 5 minutes.
She hasn’t had one rage episode in over 15 months, and is now sleeping on her own, showering on her own, getting dressed by herself- she can even tolerate JEANS!
She is no longer unable to complete minor everyday tasks like picking out her clothes or getting her backpack ready for school. She knows now how to regulate herself in the car while we are still working on the noise sensitivity- it is MUCH less disruptive.
Last month, she had a low grade temp with a cold and our whole family rejoiced that her immune system is finally starting to work as it should.
We are about 85% healed at this point and I can say that all of that is due to the brilliant and compassionate work that Resilience Naturopathic has done. Because of them, we have our daughter back