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Area of Specialty: PTSD

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Post-traumatic stress disorder is a debilitating disorder that is often at the root cause of many mental health conditions.  Post-traumatic stress disorder affects you as a whole person and causes changes in the brain, nervous system, immune system, and endocrine system. Successful treatment of PTSD must be an individualized and whole person approach.


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There are many medical treatments that help with the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, but not many that treat the underlying trauma itself.  There is ONE exception that actually treats the underlying trauma – Homeopathic Medicine.

Removing Obstacles in PTSD

The most common obstacles to healing in PTSD are:

  •       Low cortisol levels that have resulted from persistent stress
  •       Blood sugar dysregulation/hypoglycemia
  •       Hormone imbalances
  •       Over-activated immune system
  •       Wide spread Inflammation in the body and brain
  •       Specific nutrient deficiencies as a result from chronic stress
  •       Poor diet high in inflammatory processed foods with low nutrient density
  •       Insomnia

Stimulate Healing in PTSD

At Resilience Naturopathic, we have found that the most effective method to stimulate healing in post-traumatic stress disorders is homeopathy.  Just like everything else in life, no two people experience trauma in the same way.  Each person’s reaction to trauma is very unique and individualized. Homeopathic medicine is a form of treatment that can address that individuality of each person and their reaction to a traumatic event.  Homeopathic medicine is the cornerstone to our success in the Resilience Method as it helps our patients find balance and stability.

With homeopathy, those suffering from PTSD

  •       Have progressively less intense fear and worry
  •       Improved sleep
  •       Individualized treatment aimed at the underlying trauma itself
  •       Achieve hormone balance
  •       Gradually reduce their medication
  •       Get better as a whole person – mind, body and spirit
  •       Feel like themselves again!

Post-traumatic stress disorder is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Exposure to a traumatic event
  • Re-experiencing that event: flashbacks, nightmares
  • Avoidance of any triggers/reminders of that event; avoidance of trying to think of the event
  • Increased arousal symptoms:  anxiety, panic attacks, hypervigilance, irritability, reckless behavior, sleeping problem
  • Negative mood or cognition:  trouble with memory, attention problems, fear, negative thoughts about self: shame, guilt, blame
  • Dissociation: zoning out, memory loss, breaks in consciousness, out of body experiences, lack of connection with self

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What Patients are Saying


Hi Dr. Bahr, I want to thank you for all your guidance in successfully pulling me out of the depths of anxiety and panic. I am back to work now and recovered at about 95%. No prescription meds anymore! You were so correct with my anxiety occurring at times of hypoglycemia, that I can predict when I’m going to be in trouble and I eat before the event. I am using all the health supplements regularly and will continue taking them. I am also continuing with practice of CBT, breathing techniques, meditation and my homeopathic remedy. You pointed this out and now I realize that driving and seeing patients is not the cause of my anxiety, it’s anticipatory and already present before I leave home with the schedule deadlines, so I’m working on that 5%. I will keep your website on my desktop for other possible future ailments (hope none) that may occur to my family and/or myself, and I will happily and highly recommend your care to others! Thank you for getting my life back! Grateful and Sincere, V.