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Pharma Free Pregnancy

We've created a series of helpful and informative videos to start you on your path to healing.

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It’s true – no psychiatric medication isn 100% safe in pregnancy. In fact, most psych meds actually have a fairly high risk to a developing fetus, including birth defects and miscarriage.
We know that not everyone has the time to spend years getting healthy and slowly weaning their medications in order to have a stable, happy and healthy pregnancy. Because of this, Dr. Bahr has developed an intensive program to help you get off psych meds quickly and safely, and to jumpstart your health to give you the confidence to start your family.
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Watch Dr. Bahr reveal her groundbreaking process for giving mothers to be freedom from medication.

Find out how you too can have a medication free pregnancy, stable moods, and ensure your baby has the healthiest start possible.