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Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcal Infection (PANDAS) is generally characterized by obsessive compulsive behaviors and tics that have sudden onset following a strep infection. While this is the most common presentation, any psychiatric or behavioral symptoms could result, including rage and general anxiety.

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The cause of PANDAS is believed to be an autoimmune response to the strep infection that tries to “hide” from the immune system by using something called molecular mimicry. This means that they generate proteins that look similar to proteins that our own cells produce. Eventually the immune system wises up to the tricky strep bacteria, but goes on overkill and while it attacks the invader, it also attacks the cells of the body as well, including the cells of the nervous system. What is not understood is how some kids are susceptible to this type of response and others not, or how some kids will get better with a single round of antibiotics and some have recurrent symptoms regardless of antibiotic use.

Removing Obstacles in PANDAS

The most common obstacles to healing in PANDAS are:

  • Poor diet high in inflammatory processed foods with low nutrient density
  • Gut dysbiosis (an imbalance of good versus bad bacteria)
  • Specific nutrient deficiencies or deficiencies caused by prolonged medication use

Stimulate Healing in PANDAS

At Resilience Naturopathic, we have found that the most effective method to stimulate healing in PANDAS is homeopathy. This unique system of medicine is the cornerstone to our success in the Resilience Method as it helps our patients find balance and stability.

With homeopathy, those suffering from PANDAS

  • Have progressively less behavioral symptoms
  • Have progressively fewer neurological symptoms including tics and headaches
  • Have reduced susceptibility to strep and other infections
  • Have improved overall immune function
  • Improved focus and self-esteem
  • Are able to bounce back from life’s ups and downs that would previously have triggered mood instability
  • Gradually reduce their medication
  • Get better as a whole person – mind, body and spirit
  • Feel like themselves again!

Reclaim Your happiness, joy, freedom, life

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A Case Study in PANDAS

Case Study

Aubrey’s* mom Julie contacted Resilience Naturopathic in the hopes that she could get off the antibiotic loop that she felt stuck on. Aubrey didn’t have the typical pattern of OCD and tics, but she had significant behavioral issues that showed up very randomly, seemingly for no reason. Julie had heard about PANDAS and so she asked her pediatrician to run a strep test even though there were no typical signs of strep. Sure enough, it was positive. Aubrey got a dose of antibiotics and within a few days to a week her symptoms would resolve. The challenge was that they returned with every single exposure to strep – and she had a lot! Aubrey was an excellent candidate for homeopathic treatment which treats the underlying susceptibility to disease, rather than just treating the symptoms, killing the infection.

Aubrey suffered through the 3 hour initial intake with her mom. She was very hyperactive, and even when she could stay in her seat, she couldn’t stop moving her legs. Mom shared that she was improving after having gone through a recent course of antibiotics, and that just a few weeks prior there was no way she could have sat as still as she was. It turns out, Aubrey experiences mostly hyperactivity and rage with a touch of anxiety when she is exposed to strep. Julie had to be hyper vigilant to impulsive acts Aubrey would take – jumping off the furniture was a big one. She also had to watch her carefully because with the turn of a switch Aubrey could go from hyperactive and silly to destructive. Julie went so far as to say that it was almost like watching a wild animal with how she would become. Nothing would calm Aubrey down, except for the sound of music with heavy drum beats.

Aubrey’s symptoms all indicate the homeopathic remedy Tarentula hispanica. Julie was understandably taken aback when she heard the name and was very hesitant to give it to her young daughter. After several conversations explaining that homeopathic remedies are very dilute forms of the original substance and safe to give in pregnancy, and to infants and nursing mothers, and explaining that we could do a “trial dose,” meaning just a single dose, to make sure there would be no adverse events. As you can surely imagine, when the next bout of strep came through, Julie was willing to give just about anything to avoid having the behaviors return. She crossed her fingers and gave a single dose of the remedy. Low and behold, Aubrey started to calm down. She was less restless and agitated, and more like herself within a day. More trusting of the medicine, Julie started to give the remedy as needed, whenever Aubrey showed signs that she wasn’t feeling as well as she normally did. And it worked!

Through several potencies of Tarentula hispanica, and a few less scary sounding ones as well, Aubrey has not returned to the state of hyperactivity and rage that she would previously experience every strep season. Julie even noted that overall Aubrey was getting sick less often than her siblings and classmates – an added bonus that she hadn’t expected! Now when Julie and Aubrey have follow up visits, they are for the milder issues that kids experience when they hit their tween years.

*Name and age have been changed to protect the privacy of the patient.

**Results of services will vary from person to person.