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Area of Specialty: Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are a cluster of neurodevelopmental disorders that are characterized by impairments in personal, social, academic, and occupational functioning. Kids with this diagnosis often have difficulty making eye contact or relating to others. Some may lose speech, or have developmental delays. Often times, kids with ASD will have behavioral problems as a result of the neurological deficits, physical issues especially related to gastrointestinal function, and difficulty communicating.

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There are several factors that contribute to worsening of symptoms which can help guide treatment interventions.

Removing Obstacles in Autism Spectrum Disorders

The most common obstacles to healing in autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders are:

  • Poor diet high in inflammatory processed foods with low nutrient density
  • Lack of regular exercise
  • Specific nutrient deficiencies or deficiencies caused by prolonged medication use
  • Gut dysbiosis
  • Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs – genetic variances that impact how the body produces and regulates certain chemicals including neurotransmitters) such as MTHFR, COMT, MAO, and DAO (important in histamine processing)
  • Food allergies

Stimulate Healing in Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders

At Resilience Naturopathic, we have found that the most effective method to stimulate healing in autism and neurodevelopmental disorders is homeopathy. This unique system of medicine is the cornerstone to our success in the Resilience Method as it helps our patients find balance and stability.

With homeopathy, those suffering from autism and other related disorders

  • Have progressively fewer behavior problems, rages, and anxiety
  • Have increasingly longer periods of mood stability
  • Have more calmness and overall engagement with the world
  • Gradually progress in their developmental skills, but at a faster rate than before
  • Are able to bounce back from life’s ups and downs that would previously have triggered an episode
  • Gradually reduce their medication – or better yet – avoid it all together!
  • Get better as a whole person – mind, body and spirit
  • Feel like themselves again!
  • And best of all – get to take just a few small pills that taste like sugar instead of handfuls of smelly supplements that kids with sensory issues can’t handle

Symptoms may include:

  • Uncontrollable tantrums or rage
  • Anxiety or fears
  • Impulsivity
  • Self-injurious behavior
  • Violence toward others
  • Heightened sensory response

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A Case Study in Autism

Case Study

Mark’s* mom Carol brought him to Resilience Naturopathic when he was 10 years old. He had a complicated case of autism coupled with possible PANDAS or OCD. He was minimally verbal, and had tried many dietary programs that were hard on the family, and a slew of supplements that Mark resisted with all of his might. The older he got, the stronger he got, and the more he was able to exert his will when he didn’t want to take something. It was the chance that her son could heal, as well as the fact that the treatment would involve tiny pills that taste like sugar, that made Carol willing to give homeopathy a try.

Mark’s case was fairly common in that he was not very engaged outside of any assistance he needed for the repetitive tasks he preferred. He was functioning at about the level of a 2 year old. The biggest issue was the intensity of the rages he would experience. Mark would go “from 0 to 60” in a heartbeat. He would throw his toys around the room, scream, turn bright red, and hold his ears. These outbursts would last up to 3 hours, and then everything would return to normal, as if a storm had just passed. Mark’s symptoms are effectively treated by homeopathic Belladonna. He began a daily dose of 30C.

As promised, Mark had no qualms with taking this medicine because it actually tasted good. The rages reduced from 4-5 times per week to only one in the entire first month on the remedy. By month 2, Mark had no rages in the month, and his OCD type symptoms were improving. By month 3, Carol shared that Mark had engaged in pretend play without direction for the first time in his life.

Like many children on the spectrum, Mark’s progress is slow but steady and has required a few changes in the remedy to continue the healing process, but he has continued gains in his interaction with his family members and people he interacts with through his various daily activities and programs. And even after over a year of treatment, Mark is still willing to take the remedies!

*Name and age have been changed to protect the privacy of the patient.

**Results of services will vary from person to person.