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Anxiety is characterized by excessive fear and worry that is excessive or disruptive to daily life. Anxiety can be related to specific fears or phobias, certain situations, or it can be generalized (meaning always present). It can also occur in response to acute or chronic stress as in Acute Stress Disorder, or its more well known cousin, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It can also occur in short but intense bursts, called panic attacks. Each of these symptoms has its own origin and specific challenges, but have many symptoms in common.


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The cause of anxiety disorders is not well understood. Even when there is a direct identifiable causative factor, such as in PTSD, the way an individual reacts, or if they react at all, is still not fully understood. In spite of this, there are several factors that contribute to worsening of symptoms which can help guide treatment interventions.

Removing Obstacles in Anxiety

The most common obstacles to healing in anxiety are:

  • Poor diet high in inflammatory processed foods with low nutrient density
  • Blood sugar dysregulation/hypoglycemia
  • Lack of regular exercise – a potent anti-anxiety treatment
  • Specific nutrient deficiencies such as folate and B12, or deficiencies caused by prolonged medication use
  • Genetic anomalies such as MTHFR that disrupt the ability for the body to process folic acid and produce neurotransmitters
  • Thyroid dysfunction, especially hyperthyroidism (over-functioning thyroid)
  • Adrenal fatigue

Stimulate Healing in Anxiety

At Resilience Naturopathic, we have found that the most effective method to stimulate healing in anxiety disorders is homeopathy. This unique system of medicine is the cornerstone to our success in the Resilience Method as it helps our patients find balance and stability.

With homeopathy, those suffering from anxiety

  • Have progressively less intense fear and worry
  • Have increasingly longer periods without panic attacks
  • Are able to bounce back from life’s ups and downs that would previously have triggered anxiety or panic
  • Gradually reduce their medication
  • Get better as a whole person – mind, body and spirit
  • Feel like themselves again!

Symptoms of anxiety may include:

  • Feeling excessive fear or worry about real or perceived threats
  • Feelings of restlessness or being “keyed up”
  • Irritability
  • Being easily fatigued
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Muscle tension

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A Case Study in Anxiety

Case Study

John* came to Resilience Naturopathic when his worry and fear had gotten so out of control that he hadn’t been able to work for over a month. As the sole breadwinner for his house, not being able to work only increased John’s anxiety. He had seen his family doctor who referred him to a psychiatrist. His psychiatrist wrote home a prescription for the benzodiazepine Ativan™, but he was hesitant to take it because of the high risk of addiction or abuse with benzos. He wanted to give a natural treatment a try first, and knew that if all else failed, he would still have his prescription for the medication.

John’s first episode of anxiety came on very suddenly – so sudden that he thought he was having a heart attack and went to the ER. He had a full workup and was reassured that his heart was fine and that he had “only had a panic attack.” This news was both a relief and bad news to John, as he soon learned that the fear of having another panic attack was causing him to feel anxious and unwell all of the time.

John felt very restless with his anxiety, and would become very irritable. His wife shared that he had become far more likely to find fault with her and their daughters since the anxiety had started than before. John was also very anxious driving a car, but more so because of the claustrophobia that had suddenly developed, as well as the unusual impulsive thoughts he was having. John explained that when he would be out driving his car, if he ever crossed a bridge or drove on a narrow road with a steep drop off, he would have a strong impulse to jump or drive his car off the side. This scared John, because he was in no way suicidal, and very much wanted to live for his wife and daughters. Finally, he would have the worst anxiety during the times of day where he had an appointment set that he had to get to, both from the anticipation and the worry about time itself.

The specific nature of how John experienced anxiety is very effectively treated by the homeopathic remedy Argentum nitricum. John started the remedy immediately and felt significant relief with the first 48 hours. At his first follow up he had some lingering anxiety, so along with basic blood work to evaluate organ and thyroid function, we ran a simple test for MTHFR. Low and behold, John had a genetic variant that made it so his body couldn’t process folic acid. His doctor had him immediately stop his store brand multivitamin and got him on a powerful multivitamin and mineral that had a form of folate that bypasses his genetic code and supports overall production of calming neurotransmitters. John was also told to stop eating any food that was fortified with folic acid, as this could actually interfere with the efficacy of his prescribed multivitamin. John diligently followed his new recommendations, and saw the remaining symptoms clear up. He was so happy to be able to throw his prescription for Ativan™ in the trash.

*Name and age have been changed to protect the privacy of the patient.

**Results of services will vary from person to person.

What Patients are Saying


Hi Dr. Bahr, I want to thank you for all your guidance in successfully pulling me out of the depths of anxiety and panic. I am back to work now and recovered at about 95%. No prescription meds anymore! You were so correct with my anxiety occurring at times of hypoglycemia, that I can predict when I’m going to be in trouble and I eat before the event. I am using all the health supplements regularly and will continue taking them. I am also continuing with practice of CBT, breathing techniques, meditation and my homeopathic remedy. You pointed this out and now I realize that driving and seeing patients is not the cause of my anxiety, it’s anticipatory and already present before I leave home with the schedule deadlines, so I’m working on that 5%. I will keep your website on my desktop for other possible future ailments (hope none) that may occur to my family and/or myself, and I will happily and highly recommend your care to others! Thank you for getting my life back! Grateful and Sincere, V.