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Dr. Amy Cahoy, ND

During many years as a Registered Nurse, I witnessed countless situations of medical decision making and had the privilege of supporting families while providing medical care. I saw the work in the hospital as critical and often life-saving, but given the complexity of health and vitality, I knew there was a history which proceeded a child’s hospitalization, and a road of healing upon returning home.

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My passion to work on a deeper level of health along with the belief that I can contribute in a significant way led me to medical school to pursue a degree as a Naturopathic Doctor.

In medical school, I not only learned science and theory of health and healing, but also witnessed the profound changes that small interventions had on the health of my patients. Lifestyle is foundational to health, but I also discovered the essential role of susceptibility and when indicated, how to properly prescribe homeopathy.

I was first introduced to PANDAS eight years ago when a loved one had an abrupt onset of tics overnight. From this experience, and many more, I have a strong interest in working with children who are susceptible to this complex condition. I am grateful for my mentors who have taught me how think critically and when to properly intervene, and the doctors and researchers that continue to provide insight into the body and how it heals. It is a privilege for me to study each child’s case and apply my knowledge and experience to help create conditions to allow the body to heal.


Dr. Cahoy received her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University, San Diego, and most recently worked as a Naturopathic Doctor at TrueNorth Health Center. Prior to medical school, she graduated with honors from the University of Minnesota with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and worked as a Pediatric Registered Nurse for over 7 years in Pediatric Intensive Care, Pediatric Emergency Care, Pediatric Post-Anesthesia Care and various Pediatric Floor positions while travel nursing. When not working, she can be found traveling, spending quality time with family and friends, cooking, reading, or in the ocean swimming, scuba diving, and sailing.

  • Bastyr University – Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
  • University of Minnesota – Bachelor of Science, Nursing
  • Registered Nurse – Pediatric Critical Care and Pediatric Floor Positions
  • Prescribing and Case Analysis Courses – The Canadian Academy of Homeopathy

  • American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

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